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Manage maximum occupancy at a location using people counting and a mix of queue ticketing or pre-booked appointments.

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Why market leaders are choosing Occupancy Control

Reduce lines

Customers and visitors do not like waiting in line. Clearly communicating the occupancy status of the premises makes waits less frustrating.

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Staff management

Accurate real-time and historical data on occupancy allows you to understand who is coming to your premises and when. This information allows you to adjust business practices to predict and respond to peaks and troughs in demand.

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Analytics and legal compliance

Once COVID restrictions are lifted, many businesses will still have occupancy restrictions due to insurance, fire codes, or other reasons.

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Feature overview


Proactive management

Grid Occupancy Control builds upon Grid People Counter, which tracks footfall and current occupancy using automated sensors or manual tracking, but extends it with queue ticketing and pre-booked appointments. This way, occupancy is not only tracked but proactively managed to improve customer experience and increase revenues.

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Highly configurable

Grid Occupancy Control is highly configurable to meet different locations needs. For example, it can be set up to only activate queuing when maximum occupancy is reached. Another option is to manage a mix of walk-in tickets and pre-booked appointments in a completely automated and streamlined workflow for the employees.


Benefits locations with limited capacities

The Ombori Grid Occupancy Control has been deployed extensively to assist with Covid-occupancy rules but is also frequently used to greatly improve the customer experience for locations with limited people capacity. Locations with limited capacity need to ensure that it does not negatively impact the customer experience, by enabling them to spread out demand over time to maximize sales and revenue generation.

Improve customer experience further with Grid Occupancy Signage

Combine the Grid Occupancy Control with the Grid Occupancy Signage to keep your customers informed and only enabling queuing when the location is nearing its maximum capacity.

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Comparison Occupancy Control vs People counter

  • People Counter Occupancy Control
  • Maximum capacity Check Check
  • Login PIN Check Check
  • Xovis Sensor Automatic counting Check Check
  • Digital Signage Integration Check Check
  • Analytics dashboard Check Check
  • Manual Counting Check Check
  • Real time API for status Check Check
  • Login personal account Check
  • Ticketing Check
  • Push notifications Check
  • Ticketing kiosk support Check
  • Bluetooth printer support Check
  • Basic branding Check
  • QR code check-in Check
  • Number of people per ticket Check
  • Adjustable ticket flow Check
  • Pre-booking Check
  • SMS notifications* Check
  • Custom design Check
  • Customer registration Check
  • Customer feedback Check
  • Custom text for tickets Check
  • Custom e-mail gateway (sendgrid) Check
  • Timeslot capacity Check
  • Bookings mode, default, autochecking, autocall Check
  • SMS customization Check
  • Webhooks for custom integrations Check
  • Custom SMS gateway Check