Endless aisle retail brings the power and flexibility of an online sales channel into brick and mortar stores.

  • Strengthen brand awareness and loyalty with an innovative, pleasing shopping experience
  • Leverage online recommendations and up-/cross-sell models in the store
  • Prevent lost revenue due to the unavailability of a product on shelves
  • Easily view product information and confirm prices
  • Prevent lost revenue due to customer being unable to find what they are looking for
  • *Convert footfall into online customers by allowing quick hand-off to a mobile device *

Why Endless Aisle?

An endless aisle strategy reduces lost sales by allowing you to offer a much wider product selection than you can physically put on display. When an item isn't available in store, if it's available via the endless aisle, you can still make a sale and either have the customer order shipped direct to them, or send them to a nearby store to collect in person.

This also allows you to manage inventory levels much more effectively. By only stocking your shelves with the most frequently bought products and offering the rest of the assortment online, you can have smaller shops while still offering great service to your customers.

Retail stores can therefore compete much more effectively against online retailers. They can still offer and showcase the same full range of products, but also offer immediate fulfillment for the most desirable items.


Why in-store devices?

Many people in the retail business believe that “today, endless aisle happens in the online world.” Although this is undoubtedly true, you need to first bring your customer onto your online platforms before they can use them.

A Google search may well land your customer at a competitor's website and then you have lost the opportunity. This is where our in-store devices come into play. By having beautiful, attention grabbing and easy to use devices in the store, it solves the customer's immediate need without needing to type in a URL, download an app or struggle with WiFi or their data-plan.

Mobile is important, too!

Getting your customers to use technology in the store leverages the footfall to build online relationships.

The ideal is to have every loyal customer install the mobile app and always be logged on with their payment details saved, and one click shopping: “the Uber experience”. However, it’s a complex funnel to get there, each step with higher friction than the first. No first-time customer will download an app to do something in the store. But after a few positive experiences with the brand, it makes sense to become a loyal customer and have that icon always present on the phone's home screen.

In-store devices offer that easy first taste that starts the journey towards a valuable long-term online relationship. Once the customer has had that first positive experience, we use QR codes and short URLs to make it completely frictionless to get to the online store or download the mobile app.

Screenshot 2019-04-15 13.43.40

Barcode scanning

While conducting research around our touch screen offerings, we spent a lot of time talking to people working in stores. One of the most common scenarios of what customers ask are “I want this garment, but in a different color or size. Can you help me find it?”

Customers spend lot of time is spent on typing and searching for items and looking to see if it’s available in another store. Some retailers have deployed co-worker apps where they can look things up on the floor and give customers advice, but it still requires a customer to find a person to talk to which can sometimes be a challenge.

To address this problem, we equipped our touchscreens with barcode scanners. They are big and shine a bright red light, which gives them an old-school retro look. However, this has the benefit that everyone intuitively understands what it is, and can spot them from a distance. Scanning a barcode brings the customer right into the interactive experience, where they can check availability online, in nearby stores or just browse related products and recommendations.

Screenshot 2018-11-19 14.48.24

Endless aisle offers an opportunity to bring the best of online into the store, and create a retail strategy that meets the needs of all types of customer.

More about the Ombori Endless Aisle

We offer several Endless Aisle configurations of our Ombori Grid Devices, putting beautiful and attention grabbing touch screens in the store that grabs the customer's attention and makes it easy for them to place online orders for home delivery or later pick up in the store.

Devices are available in different sizes depending on individual store requirements, including:

  • 32” Hero Unit: Attention grabbing, impossible to miss, educates the customer
  • 12” Surface Pro: Beautiful tablet, easy to place anywhere in the store
  • 10” Surface Go: Lower capex for the areas where more units matter more than screen size

Based on Ombori Grid platform:

  • In-store technology platform built on Microsoft Azure
  • Stable, fully-managed devices, with easy to use interface
  • Includes monitoring, analytics and CMS

Customers include:

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