We are Ombori

Facilitating digital innovation

Long and complicated tech projects with large overhead costs are unnecessary.

Ombori combines the power of cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking individuals.

We produce awesome applications that drive sales, enhance customer experiences, and increase brand attraction.


We choose our partners carefully.

“What’s interesting to me is building reusable, scalable and sustainable technology to serve different companies and their unique needs. Because of this approach, we are able to build engaging and powerful apps much more efficiently than you can even imagine.”

Andreas Hassellöf Founder / CEO

How it works

  • We work together to identify your exact needs, obstacles and goals in the next steps of your technological innovation.
  • Thanks to our cloud based platform PresenceKit, we can build new, world-class mobile apps and websites at the speed of light.
  • We analyze user behavior and performance to know what steps to take next. Agility is key in everything we do.

Ombori is above all practical. We value an agile, step by step process to ensure smart decision making and desired outcomes.

We are fast. Give us a challenge and we’ll solve it in ⅓ of the time you would expect.

We are a partner also outside of the tech scope. Our goal is to improve your overall brand, customer experience and sales.

We happen to do this by implementing innovative technological solutions, but we also put in just as much effort in optimization to reach all business goals.

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