Case Study

H&M Interactive Voice Mirror

H&M needed an attention-grabbing installation for their flagship store in Manhattan. Their objectives were to excite customers, generate worldwide publicity, and create marketing leads.

What we did

We created the Selfie Mirror, which offers two primary functions, both controlled by voice. The “fashion inspirations” feature showcases products that H&M want to promote, using featured looks posted on their website.

The “selfie” feature enables customers to create a picture in the style of a magazine cover which they can download to their mobile device or share on social media via a QR code. After using the mirror, customers are invited to sign up for H&M promotional emails.

How does an Ombori Interactive Mirror work?

Key results & metrics

  • 86% of customers who took a selfie scanned the QR code.
  • 10% who scanned the QR code signed up for promotional emails.

The mirror received press coverage in more than 25 countries, which has been read by over 8 million people.

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