Case Study


Dufry were looking for an exciting way to attract and engage customers in its airport Duty Free stores. Customers in this type of location are travellers with very different needs, some are anxious and stressed about reaching their gate in time, while others are relaxed are looking for something fun and entertaining to do while waiting, and are often not just looking to make a quick purchase.

What we did

The Dufry Store Assistant, developed by Ombori in association with Microsoft, runs on Azure. To provide a flexible and intuitive user interface, it is both voice and touch activated. Travellers can scan their boarding pass in order to find information about their flight, their gate and the weather at their destination. This also tells them how long they have for shopping, which reassures travellers who are anxious not to miss their flights.

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Once they have established how much time they can spend shopping, the customer is then transitioned to the Guided Selling portion of the process. This can be used either by the customer alone, or by the customer with the active participation of a sales person.

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A series of interactive guides helps customers browse products and gives them advice on choosing appropriate purchases. Initial categories include gifts for men, women and kids, fragrances, skincare, gin, and whisky.

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Customers can make an immediate purchase in-store, using the wayfinder functionality to locate their desired products. Alternatively, if they don’t want to have to carry their purchase around the airport or on board their flight, they can opt to make a digital purchase and collect the item either before travelling or on their return.

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Key results & metrics

Initial data from the test deployment in Madrid suggests that 76% of travelers who scan their boarding pass to find their gate use the Guided Selling features of the Store Assistant.

8% of those who use the Store Assistant are first class ticket holders.

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