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Andreas Hassellöf
July 22, 2020

Offer your full online product selection and make sure customers find what they are looking for in your store.

Endless Aisle retail reduces lost sales by allowing you to offer a much broader product selection than you can physically put on display. When an item isn't available in store, you can still make a sale, and have the items shipped direct to the customer or send them to a nearby store to collect in person. Bringing the power and flexibility of an online sales channel into brick and mortar stores.

We offer several Endless Aisle configurations using beautiful and attention-grabbing touch screens and casing designs. It is easy for customers to place online orders, read product reviews, or get directions to locate an item in the store.

The Endless Aisle user experience can be further enhanced with add on modules to take self payments both online and using a card reader at the screen or add turn by turn directions so customers can quickly locate items within a store.

When the device isn’t in use, an engaging screen loops content like offers, promotions, or instructions. A camera and microphone mounted on top wakes the screen in a user’s presence, as well as gathering usage analytics based on approximate age and gender of users, shopping trends, and more.


  • Includes monitoring, analytics and CMS
  • Wake on motion / face detection to pull customers into the experience
  • Barcode scanning to easily see more information about an item such as product reviews
  • Engaging idle screen with strong call to action
  • In-store technology platform built on stable, fully managed devices, with Azure IoT Edge Runtime


  • Payments: Online checkout flow and card reader attached to the touch screen
  • Wayfinding: Turn by turn directions to specific locations within the store based on product or category

Business Goals

  • Prevent lost revenue, due to the unavailability of a product that the customer is looking for
  • Prevent lost revenue, due to customer being unable to find what they are looking for in the store
  • Convert in-store visits to online relationships
  • Create a more pleasing end efficient shopping experience with an innovative feel, strengthening brand awareness and loyalty
  • Learn more about the demographics and their interests in the store, by capturing approximations of users age and gender together with their usage information
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