Digital Signage: relevant interactive content at the right time

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Andreas Hassellöf
March 27, 2020

Digital signage gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to giving customers or visitors the information they need. Most solutions offer static images or carousels, but these often fail to engage customers because they don’t display relevant content. Your customers have many different needs, and those needs can change depending on factors such as location, time of day, weather, temperature and more. Interactive digital signage allows you to adjust the messaging in response to those different needs and contexts.

Our digital signage supports a wide array of content types, including static images or text, videos and multimedia, or full interactive Web apps. 

The user-friendly templating system allows you to create content based on your existing marketing materials quickly and easily. This can then be deployed remotely to any or all of the signs you operate.

You can create a simple playlist of content, or you can configure environmentally aware triggers to change the content in real time. For example, a sign can be set to show a video promoting specific product or service, but when it detects a customer approaching it, it can greet them and ask them if they want to know more. 

Digital signage can be passive or interactive. Passive signs simply display information according to your preset criteria, and cannot be controlled by customers. Interactive signs can include touch-screens, voice input or allow the customer to control them with their mobile device.

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Digital signage helps everyone

For customers:

For staff:

  • Reduces time spent answering common customer queries

For the business:

  • Increases sales by promoting items
  • Reduces time spent in-store and reduces occupancy issues
  • Ensures consistency in messaging across multiple locations
  • Generates data on what customers are interested in


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