Be customer centric by letting the customer decide on when and how to meet

Flexible appointment booking which seamlessly manage a mix of pre-booked appointments, walk-in tickets and handle delays.

Reduce customer frustration

Optimize staff usage

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Smooth out peaks and troughs in demand

Minimize the time customers have to spend waiting in line to enter the premises

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Reduce missed appointments

Offer customers transparency on waiting times

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Trusted by industry leaders

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Feature overview


Highly configurable

Highly configurable to support a wide range of customer journeys. Simples use-case, only a printed QR code to get a ticket. Another scenario, employee use their own device to issue a SMS or printed ticket to a customer. Typical use-case, used with a touch Kiosk to offer the customer the choice between scanning a QR code to get a ticket on their phone or press the kiosk to get a printed ticket as a fallback.


Notifications for increased revenue

Notifications are key to increase revenue and reduce customer frustration. No need to stand and wait in the same location. Roam around, buy other things. Be notified not only when it is their turn but when their turn is approaching and should start heading back to the location.


Analytics and staff planning

Understanding when you get queue abandonment is key to ensure that you have enough employees present to meet demand. Similarly, over staffing when demand is low is also not efficient. With powerful analytics you get a good overview of how efficient staff planning is for all of your locations.Measure customer satisfaction on a store or even employee level helps you understand where there is room for improvement.

Improve customer experience further with Grid Occupancy Signage

Combine the Grid Queue Management with the Grid Queue Signage Signage to keep your customers informed and even use spoken audio notifications of when it’s their turn.

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Comparison to Queue Management vs Appointment booking vs Omni Visit

  • Queue
 Management Appointment 
booking Omni-visit
  • Login PIN Check Check Check
  • Ticketing Check Check Check
  • Push notifications Check Check Check
  • Ticketing kiosk support Check Check Check
  • Bluetooth printer support Check Check Check
  • Digital Signage Integration Check Check Check
  • Basic branding Check Check Check
  • Analytics dashboard Check Check Check
  • QR code check-in Check Check Check
  • Number of people per ticket Check Check Check
  • Adjustable ticket flow Check Check Check
  • Custom design Check Check Check
  • Customer registration Check Check Check
  • Customer feedback Check Check Check
  • Custom text for tickets Check Check Check
  • Employee performance dashboard Check Check Check
  • Webhooks for custom integrations Check Check Check
  • Login personal account Check Check
  • Pre-booking Check Check
  • SMS notifications* Check Check
  • Custom e-mail gateway (sendgrid) Check Check
  • Timeslot capacity Check Check
  • Bookings mode, default, autochecking, autocall Check Check
  • SMS customization Check Check
  • Custom SMS gateway Check Check
  • Coworker calendar integration Check Check
  • Coworker assignment Check Check
  • Online call / Omni-queue - Bambuser or Teams Check