Ombori deploys interior design Experience Points to BoConcept in Tokyo

Ombori has, together with ITAB and The Marketing Store Agency, opened BoConcept’s new concept store in Tokyo, Japan.

Ombori deploys interior design Experience Points to BoConcept in Tokyo

Ombori has, together with ITAB and The Marketing Store Agency, opened BoConcept’s new concept store in Tokyo, Japan. Ombori developed and provided the software for three unique interactive Experience Points. The experiences are built on the Ombori Grid platform, which is powered by Microsoft Azure IoT.

BoConcept is today a premium retail lifestyle brand founded in Denmark in 1952. It now has close to three hundred stores in over sixty countries. The company designs, produces and sells contemporary furniture, accessories and lighting for living, dining, sleeping, home-office and outdoor spaces. They also offer an interior design service.

BoConcept’s mantra, Live Ekstraordinær, is rooted in the belief that the brand can help customers achieve an extraordinary home experience. And the new concept store certainly offers an extraordinary shopping experience. The new Experience Points hand customers a range of interactive tools to discover and customize furniture that suit their home, taste and personality.

The first Experience Point, Inspiring Transformations showcases BoConcept’s Interior Design Service. This displays a carousel of short videos featuring various BoConcept Interior Designers demonstrating different ways to transform a room, and explains to customers how BoConcept’s design service works

The second Experience Point, Spark Your Style, is an interactive quiz which determines a customer’s style profile. It begins showing different styles of interiors and asking people to choose the ones that appeal to them in order to determine their style preference. Next, they specify which room (or rooms) they are looking to transform, along with their budget range. Following this, further questions determine other tastes. To complete the experience, users are presented with their own individual style profile along with suggested items from the range. This can be downloaded to their phone via QR code or printed in store and the next step in the future will be that BoConcept can then follow up directly, using personalized emails with content that matches each customer’s style preferences.

The third Experience Point, Pieces As Individual As You Are, uses RFID enabled swatches to showcase BoConcept’s product range. When the customer places a swatch on a plinth in the booth, a sensor detects the RFID chip inside, and the screen will show items from the collection in that fabric/colour option. They can then click on and explore each product. It will also display a range of complimentary colour tones to help them accessorize. As with Spark Your Style, the consumer can save their selection to their mobile device, and in the near future BoConcept will be able to market to them directly.

The pilot deployment is available in BoConcept’s store in Tokyo. Further rollouts to other BoConcept stores worldwide are planned.

Michael Linande, Chief Retail Officer, BoConcept, said, “Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and our new Flagship Concept Store in Tokyo is for them. It’s a beautiful environment where they will be inspired and enjoy an extraordinary experience through both our talented Interior Designers and the innovative interactive digital experience points. A true blending of physical and digital.”

Ida Pettersson, Customer Success Manager, Ombori, said, “Since BoConcept is all about self-expression and contemporary style, these Experience Points are all about using technology to help customers find and create products they’re going to truly love. They can experiment with different ideas, feel the fabrics, and really explore all the many possibilities that BoConcept has to offer.”

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Ida Petterson, Customer Success Manager, Ombori: [email protected]


Andreas Hassellöf

May 08, 2020