Ombori technology helps Telenor sales staff

Ombori today announces the launch of its new Sales Remote product at Telenor stores throughout Sweden.

Ombori today announces the launch of its new Sales Remote product at 20 Telenor stores throughout Sweden. After the testing phase, the Sales Remote will be rolled out to all 60 Swedish Telenor stores.

The Sales Remote, designed in partnership with VisualArt in Stockholm, is an interactive tool for sales staff than can be controlled using their mobile device. It comprises a large screen suitable for doing customer demos to individuals or groups and access to all of the company’s existing inventory of rich digital media marketing content, including product information, videos, and the Web. This enables the sales team to pull up on demand whatever they need in order to make a sale. In addition, since the Sales Remote is linked to the company’s central data store, the staff can have full confidence that they are always accessing the latest information.

“This is one of a number of high profile pilots we are rolling out worldwide, developed with the Ombori Grid platform,” says Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf. “The Sales Remote is a remarkably powerful sales tool that empowers sales staff without burdening them with paper and without tying them to a desk-based system. Its simplicity engages customers and helps them to make informed purchase decisions.”