Fashion United: Microsoft's CEO urges retailers to jump into the 'technology intense era'

H&M Group has partnered with Microsoft and partner Ombori to re-imagine the garment recycling program they launched in 2013

During his inaugural speech at National Retail Federations’ 2020 Vision conference on Sunday, the CEO of Microsoft urged retailers to embrace the imperative of “tech intensity”.

“What I always tell retailers is that you can’t be cool by association, by riding along with somebody else’s technology,” said Nadella, asking the audience to think what technology they can call their own. “You have to be cool on your own. You have to take pride in the digital capability that you have built. For us, our goal is to enable and empower you to have that tech intensity. It’s about helping you build your independence with IT — that’s our mission,” Microsoft’s CEO concluded.

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January 14, 2020