Fashion Gone Rogue: OmboriGrid and H&M: changing the future of retail

Ombori and H&M are setting new expectations for consumers by integrating a digital world with the physical.

Fashion Gone Rogue: Together, OmboriGrid and H&M are strategically focused on changing the future of the fashion and retail industries. The two companies recently collaborated to introduce Shop the Look, a new Ombori app that allows customers to browse product information on digital signage, controlling the display via their smartphone.

Andreas Hassellof, CEO and founder of Ombori, recently visited Berlin to tour the H&M Beyond space, a unique space designed for the H&M team to test innovative products in the retail sector. During the tour, Oliver Lange, head of H&M Beyond, showed Andreas Hassellof what H&M was currently experimenting with, including the Ombori Shop the Look product.

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February 02, 2022