Most retailers are aware of the need for an endless aisle strategy to prevent lost revenue due to the unavailability of a product, but how much revenue are you losing because your customers can't find what they are looking for in your store? By adding wayfinding signage to your in-store devices, you can build a true unified commerce experience where a customer can always find what they are looking for in the store if it’s available and online if it’s not.

  • Increase sales by cross-selling and up-selling
  • Build a true unified commerce customer experience
  • Why do you need digital wayfinding in your store?

Leverage your recommendations

When you put customer facing devices in your store you can make use of technology that has previously only added value online. We're all familiar with the way that the best online sites use a well trained recommendation engine to help customers find items they didn't know they were looking for, to up-sell to higher end products, and cross-sell accessories or related products. Endless aisle devices can perform the exact same function in-store, allowing bricks and mortar retailers to compete with online retailers.

But once you have inspired a customer to make that extra purchase, it’s even more important that they can instantly find the product in the store. Otherwise they might quickly lose interest and just leave with the item they originally intended to purchase, or else buy it online from a competitor! Building wayfinding into your endless aisle keeps them moving along that customer journey while they're still fired up.

Context matters in retail wayfinding

Some stores have a much greater need for wayfinding than others. Size and number of floors obviously makes a big difference. It’s a bigger challenge to navigate a large grocery store or department store than a small boutique. However, in some cases it can make a lot of sense to add wayfinding signs even in a small location such as an airport. Even if customers don't need help to navigate the store itself, helping them to easily navigate the gates and departure times will undoubtedly bring more people into the store. This also offers a valuable interaction point where you can promote your relevant offers and educate your customers about your brand.

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More about the Ombori Wayfinder

We offer several configurations of our Ombori Grid Devices, putting beautiful and attention grabbing touch screens in the store that grabs the customer's attention and makes it easy for them to place online orders for home delivery or later pick up in the store.

Devices are available in different sizes depending on individual store requirements, including:

  • 32” Hero Unit: Attention grabbing, impossible to miss, educates the customer
  • 12” Surface Pro: Beautiful tablet, easy to place anywhere in the store
  • 10” Surface Go: Lower capex for the areas where more units matter more than screen size

Based on Ombori Grid platform:

  • In-store technology platform built on Microsoft Azure
  • Stable, fully-managed devices, with easy to use interface
  • Includes monitoring, analytics and CMS

Customers include:

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