Get a mobile app for your store fast, really fast. No upfront investments, no hiring designers and developers, no endless projects, no problems.

Why Apps?

Our customers are seeing between 450% and 800% higher conversion rates in their PresenceKit mobile apps compared to their mobile websites.

We’re seeing opt-in rates of 60% - 100% and up to 40% CTRs, the best perform 4X better than the worst.

Web pages can expect an average site-wide lift of 1.01 to 3.88 positions in Google only by integrating app, and if you have semantic markup on your site Apple’s search engine can pick it up as well.

How It Works

In both tech & marketing, we do the work, and you sign-off on the strategies.

  • Day 1-5: App is built, sent for review and published in both Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Day 5-10: SEO integration and tracking is put into place
  • Day 10-15: Push notification campaign proposal is finished and reviewed
  • Day 15-30: ASO optimization efforts
  • Day 40: First performance report sent

And the journey continues for constant analysis of performance to make the right development decisions for optimized sales.

What's next?

Voice Interface
Coming Soon…

Ombori will soon be launching voice as a part of our solution to help retailers maximize their presence. The platform will support integration with different devices, such as Google Home and Microsoft Cortana to allow your customers to shop simply by asking their device to send them items by voice control.


Building new technology and great user experiences as a financial institution is really tough - security concerns, complicated back-end, the list goes on...

Ombori offers secure and efficient implementation of applications for financial institutions by using your existing technology and extending it into new forms.

“We made the decision to focus on finance as a result of several factors. Our team has extensive experience working in security and several of our core team members have backgrounds working in technology at banks. We see there is a clear need for new solutions within fintech, and we have the right tools and capacity to address it.“

Andreas Hassellöf Founder / CEO