Selfie Mirror

On Ombori Grid

Delight your customers and convert visits in the physical space into online relationships.

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Strengthen your brand and surprise your customers and let them leave your store with not just a fun memory of their visit, but also a long-term relationship with your brand in their pocket.

Our Selfie Mirror is voice controlled and functions in multiple languages, including German, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. As well as fully integrated with the world's most popular messaging services including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Line.

When the customers have taken their selfie, they then download it to their phone so that they can share it. They connect to the booth via a messenger service to get their photo sent to them. This can be used to collect their phone number and allow them to opt into marketing communications. Data shows that around 10% of all customers who use a photo booth will opt in to leave their e-mail address and up to 76% of those taken a picture leave their phone number when collecting their selfie through WhatsApp.



  • Voice UI
  • Web hand-off and e-commerce integration
  • Social media integration
  • Engaging idle screen with strong call to action
  • In-store technology platform built on Microsoft Azure
  • Stable, fully managed devices, with easy to use interface
  • Includes monitoring, analytics and CMS

Business Goals

  • Strengthen brand awareness and loyalty with an innovative, pleasing shopping experience
  • Convert footfall into online customers by allowing quick hand-off to a mobile device
  • Expand your business presence on popular messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Line


The Selfie Mirror is voice-controlled, and functions in multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese


The selfie mirror can run on any screens attached to a grid computing device and a good webcam. We recommend the Logitech BRIO 4k webcam for this purpose.