The future of shopping - now


Retail is changing. Retailers who adapt will survive. That means finding new ways to do business, new ways to engage and retain customers, and developing new, exciting customer experiences. Bridging the physical and digital worlds is essential.


Retailers are going through a tough time. In 2019, everyone was talking about the retail apocalypse.Then in 2020, COVID-19 changed everything. Shopping habits have changed, probably for ever. Even when things begin to improve, retailers will have to work hard to get people back into stores. 

Living up to customer expectations will be difficult. 

  • Customers need to feel safe in stores, or they won’t come back. They’ll shop online or go elsewhere.
  • Customers expect the flexibility to make purchases however it’s most convenient for them. They’re used to online ordering, in-store pickup, curbside collection and self checkout, and they like it.
  • Customers are no longer willing to put up with items being out of stock. If they can’t buy what they want from you, when they want it, they’ll go to a competitor.
  • Customers expect personalized, VIP treatment. They expect you to meet their needs and know what they want.
  • Customers want to know exactly what they’re buying. They want detailed information, and they want to know what their options are. And they will be checking out your competitors’ prices.
  • Most of all, customers don’t want shopping to be a chore. They want regular purchases to be easy, painless and quick, and they want lifestyle purchases to be fun. They don’t want to wait in line, and they don’t want to talk to staff who can’t answer their questions.

Fundamentally, retailers have to answer one question.  “Why should I go to the effort of going to your store when I can just click on this web site?

How can Ombori help?

Ombori’s apps have been designed primarily with retailers in mind. These can include department stores, chains with multiple locations, shopping malls and pop-up stores, as well as grocery stores, fashion retailers, furniture stores, and more.

All of our apps are fully integrated via Ombori Grid, and connect with your existing systems and content. They provide a unique seamless interface between the physical and digital worlds to create a true omnichannel or unified commerce experience which your customers will love.

By combining our modular, configurable apps using Ombori Grid and standard hardware, retailers can rapidly deploy affordable, customized solutions to a wide variety of problems.

  • Manage queues, provide a safe shopping environment, reduce waiting times and control store occupancy with Queue Management, Occupancy Control and CallForward. Make it easy for customers to know when they can shop, tell them how long they have to wait, and notify them when it’s their turn. You can also control the number of people in store and verify that you’re complying with current regulation.
  • Offer alternative ways to shop with Endless Aisle, Self Checkout, Curbside, BOPIS and a Shopping app. Let customers choose where and when to collect and pay for their purchases, and provide a wide variety of payment mechanisms.
  • Increase sales with Store Assistant, Sales Remote and Guided Selling. Customers can find out about products tailored to their exact needs and receive appropriate incentives. Personalization and in-depth information will encourage them to purchase.Customer can even make a purchase from outside the store using a Customer Remote in your window, even if the store is closed - true window shopping!
  • Help customers get the information they need, where and when they need it, with Digital Signage, Customer Remote and Wayfinder. These interactive, context-sensitive devices can use both touchscreen and voice input or be controlled by a customer’s mobile device, allowing them to browse or ask questions.
  • Increase customer engagement and enjoyment with Selfie Mirror. These entertaining devices bring some fun into your store, and  sure to get customers talking about you to friends or on social media.
  • Improve the checkout process with Cashier Assistant. Make life easier for your checkout operators by giving them simple tools to perform common tasks, as well as additional devices to reduce losses.

Flexible, customizable solutions

Ombori apps can easily be combined into unique multi-function devices or kiosks, depending on your specific and unique needs.

For example, you could combine Guided Selling, Wayfinder, Endless Aisle and Self Checkout to create a location where customers can find out about offers, get product recommendations, find out whether those items are in stock, find out where they are located in the store, or place an online order and have them shipped to their home if they’re not in stock, and pay for their purchases.

Great for customers, less work for your staff!

Easy maintenance with maximum control

Since all Ombori apps can be managed 100% remotely, they can easily be used across multiple locations. Content can be shared between several facilities or adapted for each individual location.

Digital content can include static images and text, videos, and interactive apps. It can be configured using a simple playlist or can be context-sensitive, driven by a variety of triggers, including time of day or weather.

For example, you could create a Guided Selling and Endless Aisle station which shows customers videos of furniture, then allows them to select the items they are interested in, see all the available options, and configure their perfect sofa. They can then place an order and have it shipped to their home.