The future of shopping

Retail is changing. Retailers who adapt will survive. That means finding new ways to do business, new ways to engage and retain customers, and developing new, exciting customer experiences. Bridging the physical and digital worlds is essential.

Provide a safe shopping environment

Make it easy for customers to know when they can shop, tell them how long they have to wait, and notify them when it’s their turn. You can also control the number of people in store and verify that you’re complying with current regulation.

Increase sales with guided selling

Customers can find out about products tailored to their exact needs and receive appropriate incentives. Personalization and in-depth information will encourage them to purchase.

Alternative shopping experiences

Let customers choose where and when to collect and pay for their purchases, and provide a wide variety of payment mechanisms.

Customers expect the flexibility to make purchases however it’s most convenient for them. They’re used to online ordering, in-store pickup, curbside collection and self checkout, and they like it.

Customers want to know exactly what they’re buying. They want detailed information, and they want to know what their options are. And they will be checking out your competitors’ prices.

How can Ombori Grid help?

Ombori’s apps have been designed primarily with retailers in mind. These can include department stores, chains with multiple locations, shopping malls and pop-up stores, as well as grocery stores, fashion retailers, furniture stores, and more.

All of our apps are fully integrated via Ombori Grid, and connect with your existing systems and content. They provide a unique seamless interface between the physical and digital worlds to create a true omnichannel or unified commerce experience which your customers will love. By combining our modular, configurable apps using Ombori Grid and standard hardware, retailers can rapidly deploy affordable, customized solutions to a wide variety of problems.

Queue Management


Replace physical queues with virtual queues, using a modern ticketing solution that can incorporate both mobile phones or paper tickets. Powerful notifications and digital signage allow visitors to do other things while they wait, and extensive analytics enable efficient staff planning.

Occupancy Control


Track visitors entering and leaving a location in order to ensure compliance with occupancy regulations, optimize staff planning and increase revenues.

Virtual Queuing and Occupany Control

Our Virtual queuing solution enables customers to book a table, either online or at the restaurant. It tells them the expected wait, and notify them when their table is free. Occupancy control allows you to verify that you are complying with all regulations on the number of people allowed on the premises.

Order Pickup


A powerful, streamlined way to handle BOPIS/curbside that’s convenient for customers and empowering for staff.

Appointment Booking


Flexible appointment booking which seamlessly manages a mix of pre-booked appointments and walk-in tickets.

Curbside Pick-Up and Buy Online, Pick Up In Store

Customers can view menus and place online orders via a mobile app. Our curbside and BOPIS solutions notifies them when their order is ready, and helps staff manage the pickup smoothly.

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