Reduce lines and improve customer experience

Ombori Grid can help restaurants adapt and meet new challenges, providing memorable customer experiences that will boost sales and bring customers back.

Booking made easy

Manage queueing and appointment systems effectively and notify the customer of theur expected wait time and when their table is ready.

Order and payment

Make sure the customer experiences quick and easy ways to order and pay. Minimizing the wait time ensures a good customer experience.

The Take-Away

Let the customer view menus and place orders online via mobile app. Notify them when their order is ready and make sure the staff can manage the pickup smoothly.

With COVID-19 restrictions limiting the number of dine-in customers, restaurants need to manage their queuing and appointment systems effectively. Customers need to be able to book a time to eat both online and when they visit, and they need to be notified of their expected wait time and when their table is available.

Once in the restaurant, customers need quick, easy ways to order and pay. This reduces contact between wait staff and customers, and also speeds up customer throughput. Guided selling tools can help to upsell customers, such as suggesting wine pairings for their select dishes, or promoting specials.

How can Ombori Grid help?

Ombori Grid can be deployed to address many of these challenges. By combining our configurable, modular apps, you can provide a great customer experience that combines the advantages of digital technology with the unique ambience of your restaurant.

Queue Management


Modern queue managment with mobile or paper tickets

Occupancy Control


Limit access to a location while creating a great customer experience

Virtual Queuing and Occupany Control

Our Virtual queuing solution enables customers to book a table, either online or at the restaurant. It tells them the expected wait, and notify them when their table is free. Occupancy control allows you to verify that you are complying with all regulations on the number of people allowed on the premises.

Order Pickup


Offer a smooth, seamless pickup experience

Appointment Booking


Online booking software and automated queuing system

Curbside Pick-Up and Buy Online, Pick Up In Store

Customers can view menus and place online orders via a mobile app. Our curbside and BOPIS solutions notifies them when their order is ready, and helps staff manage the pickup smoothly.

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