Reduce lines and improve customer experience


Customers and visitors hate waiting in line to pay, to speak with someone, or even to enter the building. Queuing has always been an issue, but with restrictions imposed by COVID-19, it’s become much more widespread. Retailers and other businesses need queue management solutions that can make customers visits quicker, easier, safer, and more pleasant.

Business goals

Less waiting means a better customer experience. Increased customer satisfaction will result in increased customer loyalty and increased sales for retailers. 

In addition, long lines of customers are inconvenient and disruptive. Smoothing the flow of customers throughout the day makes it easier to run your business and creates a less stressful environment for staff as well as customers.

  • Minimize the time customers have to spend waiting in line to enter the premises
  • Offer customers transparency on waiting times
  • Optimize staff usage
  • Reduce stress on staff
  • Reduce missed appointments
  • Smooth out peaks and troughs in demand

What can Ombori Grid offer?

Our Queue Management solutions are powerful, versatile, and easy to deploy. They run on standard hardware and integrate easily with your existing systems. They are easily configurable to your unique requirements and branding.

Flexible appointment booking options

  • Allow visitors to book an appointment from anywhere. They can book online, or when they arrive at the premises using a QR code - no app to download. You can offer them timed appointments, or allow them to join the queue and wait for the next available slot. 

Digital or printed entry confirmation

  • Once a slot or appointment has been booked, entry details can be sent direct to their mobile device, or printed using standard hardware. 

Integrated virtual and physical appointments

  • The Queuing System can be configured to handle both face to face and virtual appointments in a single seamless system. For example, a doctor can see one patient in their office, and then see the next patient online.  

Reward VIP customers

  • Offer your most valued customers the opportunity to book preferred slots. You can operate multiple queues, giving VIP customers faster access. 

Flexible waiting options

  • Instead of standing in a physical line, visitors can wait wherever it is most convenient until you call them. This could be in their car, at home, in a cafe, or shopping elsewhere. They do not have to stand outside in rain, heat or cold, and they don’t have to worry about children getting bored. They don’t feel they’re wasting their time in a queue. 

Transparent status

  • At any time, visitors can check their position in the queue and their expected wait time via their mobile device. Digital signage on the premises can display the current occupancy level and expected wait time. 

Easy appointment notification 

  • When their slot or appointment time is close, they will receive a notification on their mobile device to head to the building. This will be adjusted in real time so if the appointment is going to be late, they will know that they should delay their visit. 

Simple entry confirmation

  • When a visitor arrives at your premises, you have several ways to check whether they have a valid slot or appointment. Entry details can be scanned manually by a staff member, or automatically using a smart device at the door. Optionally, this can be connected to the door and automatically open it if they have an appointment.

Keep things moving with timed visits 

  • Businesses such as museums often give visitors a maximum visit time or a defined time to leave. To help maintain the throughput of visitors, you can track their entry time and notify them of when they need to get ready to leave. They can also easily track how much time they have left.

Increase sales with promotion opportunities

  • While customers are waiting in a virtual queue, this is an ideal opportunity to send promotional material direct to their mobile device. You can include coupons or other incentives, or use Guided Selling techniques to help them find what they want before they even arrive at the store. 

Save time with pre-orders

  • Reduce the visit time by pre-ordering while waiting. For example, they can put in an order at the deli counter, and you’ll notify them when it’s ready. Or they can send in their license application digitally before arriving at City Hall, and half the paperwork can be taken care of before they get there. 

Make payment faster with checkout management

  • CallForward optimizes lines and minimizes wait times. Where there are multiple service desks or checkouts, customers wait in a single line and are then called to the next available desk. No more worrying about whether you picked the slowest line!

In addition, many of our other retail solutions can reduce queues even more.  Online shopping and customer pickup using Curbside and Integrated Shopping Apps cuts down the number of people visiting the store, which affects wait times and occupancy levels. Alternative payment options such as Self Checkout and Endless Aisle allow shoppers to check out quickly without waiting in line for a cashier. 


  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Office spaces
  • Shopping malls
  • Department stores
  • Fashion retail
  • Hardware retail
  • Electronics retail
  • Interior and furniture retail
  • Municipalities
  • Healthcare