Ombori Welcome

Welcome and guide your customers

Use motion-or-face-activated interactive digital signage to grab attention and welcome customers as they enter your store.

Increase conversion and reduce lost revenue by allowing the customer to discover relevant offers and quickly find what they are looking for, online or offline.

Digital signage
Face & motion detection
QR handover
Deep analytics integration
Promotional content
Mobile remote

Ombori Welcome

Interactive digital signage, capturing the attention of customers and passers-by in a playful manner, drawing attention to select messages and drives traffic to e-commerce. Can be placed inside a store, in a window to attract foot traffic and bring people into the store, or in a remote location as an interactive advertising and sales tool.

Display wakes up in the presence of a customer. They scan a QR code to open a remote control for the screen on their mobile device, which allows them to browse offers on the big screen in a playful manner and thus also capturing the attention of other passers by.

Customers can save items they like on their mobile device, and then purchase them in-store or online.


  1. Play video content while not in use.
  2. Capture people's attention as they pass by.
  3. Promote most important offers, new arrivals or other message in an interactive way.
  4. Bring people into e-commerce after a finished session.

Business Goals

  1. Create a pleasing end efficient shopping experience with an innovative feel, strengthening brand awareness and loyalty.
  2. If placed in a window, to draw people in store and generate shopping 24/7 from a physical location.
  3. Generate more sales by ensuring that visitors see the most important offers.
  4. Convert in-store visits and passers-by into online relationships.
  5. Digital signage can be updated faster and more easily across multiple locations than printed signs.

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