Ombori Selfie Mirror

Fun and engaging social media.

Futuristic voice assistant in a beautiful mirror that takes selfies that can be shared on social media.

Captures visitors attention and gives them a positive surprise they will share with friends. Can unlock discounts in exchange for social sharing, loyalty program or newsletter signup.

Digital signage
Face & motion detection
Facebook messenger integration
QR handover
Voice assistant
Voice controlled UI
Deep analytics integration

Ombori Selfie Mirror

Intuitive and futuristic voice assistant packaged in a mirror that takes selfies and offers fashion inspiration. Captures visitors attention and gives them a positive surprise they will share with friends.

Also enables AI-powered digital trend-spotting to give insights into how trends are being adopted in different locations, by different demographics.

The screen has a camera and microphone mounted on top to wake up the screen in a user’s presence, as well as gather usage analytics based on approximate age and gender of users.


  1. Give store visitor a positive surprise by taking a selfie and framing it as a fashion magazine.
  2. Offer discount in exchange for loyalty program or newsletter signup
  3. Give fashion and accessory recommendations based on what the customer is currently wearing
  4. Capture the customer’s look and categorise it based on AI to enable digital trend-spotting

Business Goals

  1. Create a pleasing end efficient shopping experience with an innovative feel, strengthening brand awareness and loyalty.
  2. If placed in a window, to draw people in store and generate shopping 24/7 from a physical location.
  3. Generate more sales by ensuring that visitors see the most important offers.
  4. Convert in-store visits and passers-by into online relationships.
  5. Digital signage can be updated faster and more easily across multiple locations than printed signs.

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