Ombori Sales Tool

Empower your staff.

Empower sales assistant to show relevant information to customers on a big screen in an intuitive and efficient manner, thus generating more sales.

Digital signage
Face & motion detection
QR handover
Deep analytics integration
Promotional content
Mobile remote

Ombori Endless

Interactive digital signage, allowing sales assistant to control the screen to show a wide variety of content to customer.

User scans a QR code to open a remote control for the screen on the sales assistant’s mobile device or tablet.

The remote-control can be locked to a specific device or protected with a PIN code to prevent customers from controlling the screen directly.


  1. Play video content while not in use
  2. Share website
  3. Share video content
  4. Share social media content
  5. Share products in 3D

Business Goals

  1. Empower sales assistant to show relevant information to customers in an intuitive and efficient manner thus generating more sales
  2. Create a more pleasing end efficient shopping experience with an innovative feel, strengthening brand awareness and loyalty
  3. Digital content can be updated faster and more easily across multiple locations than printed material

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