Ombori Endless

Endless Aisle done right.

Intuitive and futuristic endless-aisle and wayfinding application with audio- / visual cues and feedback, that prevents lost revenue due to the unavailability of a product, or the customer being unable to find what they are looking for.

Digital signage
Deep analytics integration
Face & motion detection
Promotional content
Voice controlled UI
Endless Aisle

Ombori Endless

Intuitive and futuristic endless-aisle and way-finding application with audio- / visual cues and feedback.

The screen has a camera and microphone mounted on top to wake up the screen in a users presence, as well as gather usage analytics based on approximate age and gender of users.


  1. Play video content while not in use.
  2. Capture people's attention as they pass by.
  3. Easily view product information and confirm price of an item
  4. Check if other size and color options are available for the same item
  5. If other size or color option is not available, find out what other stores nearby have it or place an order online via QR-handoff
  6. Get recommendations for other items I might like, with information of where to find them in store or QR-handoff to purchase online

Business Goals

  1. Create a pleasing end efficient shopping experience with an innovative feel, strengthening brand awareness and loyalty.
  2. If placed in a window, to draw people in store and generate shopping 24/7 from a physical location.
  3. Generate more sales by ensuring that visitors see the most important offers.
  4. Convert in-store visits and passers-by into online relationships.
  5. Digital signage can be updated faster and more easily across multiple locations than printed signs.

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