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Management of Digital Place-Based Media with Proof-of-Play

Earn more from your screens with dynamic content and efficient targeting

About Digital Signage for media sales

Content creation is powered by a user-friendly templating system, that can be as simple as an image or video, and as complex as a full web app with animations and transitions.

Beyond the physical screen, our mobile companion features allow retailers to form digital relationships with their customers and seamlessly hand over content to their own devices.

generic tagging

In addition to triggers, each device receives a set of tags - such as region, city and in-store placement. Each media booking then is assigned a set of tags as well as dates and times for when it should be played in the store. Each device then generates its own playlist based on these parameters.

Real-world usage

  1. Schedule a commercial that will be shown only between two dates in the frozen foods area of stores in a specific region.
  2. Create dynamic template pages with attention grabbing animations, such as “offer of the week”, that can easily be adjusted by any non-developer to feature different products at different times.
  3. Use internal design resources or third-party agencies to easily create new dynamic content templates without our involvement


  • Analytics for Proof-of-Play

    • Plays per-clip
    • Play per tag
  • Templating system

    • Template schema can be as basic as an image or video or as complex as a full web app with animations and transitions
    • Templates use open formats (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript)
  • QR code handover to customers’ own device
  • In-store technology platform built on stable, fully managed devices, with Azure IoT Edge Runtime
  • A unified commerce ecosystem which benefits from a stable OS and remotely managed hardware
  • Flexible tagging system to target devices

Business goals

  • Increase revenue by selling ads on your digital signage
  • Generate more sales by ensuring that visitors see the most important offers
  • Convert in-store visits and passers-by into online relationships
  • Reduce hours and effort required to update and manage content
  • Keep signage relevant and engaging at all times with minimum effort required to update and manage content

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