Digital Signage — Smart

Display relevant content at the right time

Use simple playlist or configure and environmentally aware triggers to display content when it is relevant and engaging to consumers

About smart digital signage

Remotely control your digital signage in real-time and across multiple locations. Use configurable and environmentally aware triggers to display content that is always relevant and engaging to consumers — considering things like location, time of day, date, weather, temperature, and more.


Content creation is powered by a user-friendly templating system, that can be as simple as an image or video, and as complex as a full web app with animations and transitions. Beyond the physical screen, our mobile companion features allow retailers to form digital relationships with their customers and seamlessly hand over content to their own devices.

Real-world usage

  1. A restaurant automatically switching menus from breakfast to lunch at a certain time.
  2. A café switching to promote ice coffee on their specials board when it gets hot
  3. A supermarket showing grocery offers with a QR code the customer can scan to see recipes using the promotional items.


  • Meaningful analytics with Proof-of-Play

    • Number of plays per media item
    • Number of plays per tag, each media item can be assigned multiple tags (brand/category/etc)
  • Templating system

    • Our media templates schemas are built on open formats (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) and can be built by anyone easily
    • Template schema can be as basic as an image or video or as complex as a full web app with animations and transitions or even an interactive game
    • Templates use open formats
  • Environmental triggers to change content;

    • Time (lunch, breakfast, store closing/opening)
    • Date & time (Sunday lunch, Christmas dinner, etc)
    • Weather (Rain, sun, snow, thunderstorm, etc)
    • Temperature
  • Mobile companion
  • QR code handover to customers’ own device
  • In-store technology platform built on stable, fully managed devices, with Azure IoT Edge Runtime
  • A unified commerce ecosystem which benefits from a stable OS and remotely managed hardware

Business goals

  • Generate more sales by ensuring that visitors see the most important offers
  • Convert in-store visits and passers-by into online relationships
  • Reduce hours and effort required to update and manage content

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