Covid-19 Response: Virtual Queue

Manage customer flow within any store and minimize physical queues.

Groceries, pharmacies, and other stores around the world need to keep operating throughout the global pandemic. Reducing the risk of infection both in stores and in queues outside stores by using social distancing is a major priority for them. Queues allow stores to control the number of people within the store and reduces the number of people waiting in line using a simple virtual queuing system.

Virtual queues for physical stores during the Covid-19 pandemic

Help your customers

  • Avoid physical queues: There's no need to queue outside the store. Customers can wait in the comfort of their car or other safe location.
  • No waiting times: Book a time to shop in advance and arrive at a scheduled time to avoid waiting in line.
  • No set up: There is nothing for a customer to download or configure. Everything works using a simple web interface.

Empower your team

  • Manage customer flows: Limit the number of people in the store at any point in time.
  • Avoid physical queues: Waiting in line can cause viral infections. Use messaging and notifications to tell customers when it's their turn to approach the entrance.
  • Protect: Use any personal device to manage the queue without any need to touch a shared device or customer tickets.
  • Inform: Every team member in the store can see an overview of current footfall. Team members inside the store and outside managing the queue are always in sync.
  • Optimize: Set the capacity for a store. Make announcements to customers waiting in the queue and keep them informed and happy. And scale the system.

Protect your business

  • Analytics dashboard: To understand how the store is functioning and provide proof of compliance with social distancing measures or restrictions set by governments.
  • Quick deployment: Cloud-based solution with no hardware requirement in the store allows you to be up and running quickly
  • Future proof: Expandable once this crisis has passed, the queueing system is Enterprise ready and build on MS Azure. It can integrate with digital signage, touchscreens, loyalty mobile applications and even run in offline-mode in the store.

How a queue works

Setting up a virtual queue is easy and can be done using Digital Signage or a printed poster. Our system generates both automatically.

A customer arriving at the store can scan a QR code to join the queue, or as a fallback send a text message instead.

  • Customized digital and printed signage with brand logo and store information
  • A unique phone number for each retailer group
  • Store ID information
  • Set capacity for each store
  • Measure and control footfall in real-time
  • Inform customers that they don't need to wait outside
  • Legal text for GDPR and how we use the data

Digital Signage


Connect your queue to digital signage to display real-time updates to customers.

  • The capacity of the store
  • Number of customers in the store
  • Number of customers in the queue
  • When calling a new ticket
  • A dynamic welcome or call to action to join the queue
  • QR code and store information
  • Brand logo
  • Clear instructions

Printed Poster


The poster we generate is optimized for print and contains all the necessary information for customers to join.

  • QR code and store information
  • Brand logo
  • Clear instructions

The customer experience


When a customer enters the queue, we send them a virtual ticket and make sure we use the best communication channels available to keep them regularly informed.

There is no app to download. The system works using a simple web interface and platform-specific notification preferences.

  • An informative and straightforward web interface
  • Tell customer which store they are queuing for
  • Native device notifications
  • Apple Wallet integration
  • The customer will receive messages and notifications to update them frequently and keep them informed on their position in the queue, or any action they need to take.
  • Fallback to Text Messaging if push notifications or Apple Wallet is unavailable
  • Customer can leave the queue at any time

Book a time slot in advance


  • Book an available time for arrival at the store
  • Customers claim their ticket when it's their slot in the schedule

Empower your team


Any team member can manage a queue from their device.

  • Quickly create a virtual queue for any (and multiple) stores
  • Track the number of customers currently inside the store
  • Check customers in/out
  • See how many people are waiting in the queue
  • Set ticket priority to let some customers in quickly
  • Manually create tickets to assist customers
  • Open/close queue instantly. Update customers who are waiting with a broadcast message.


Built on top of Ombori’s successful Grid in-store technology platform, Queues can be used either as a stand-alone solution or integrated with other Grid components to offer more options.

  • Digital Signage: That displays the current queue position, sends coupons or other information to customers in store or in the queue, enables them to self check-out, or enables them to purchase online for either delivery or pickup.
  • Automated People Counting: An overhead sensor captures customers entering and leaving the store. This initegrates with our queue system to automate the check-in and out process.



Built on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams, it is enterprise ready and can be deployed in a matter of days. It is a fully cloud-based solution which requires no existing infrastructure or hardware.

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