The interactive retail ecosystem.

Our apps run on top of your existing technology and connects your physical stores with your e-commerce.

Ombori Window

Window shopping that actually works.

Capture the attention of people passing by your store with motion-activated interactive digital signage.

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Ombori Selfie Mirror

Fun and engaging social media.

Futuristic voice assistant in a beautiful mirror that takes selfies that can be shared on social media.

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Ombori Welcome

Welcome and guide your customers.

Use motion-or-face-activated interactive digital signage to grab attention and welcome customers as they enter your store.

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Ombori Endless

Endless Aisle done right.

Intuitive and futuristic endless-aisle and wayfinding application with audio-visual cues and feedback.

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Ombori Inspiration

Conversational shopping.

Digital signage with a voice assistant that guides a user through a few predefined steps to offer shopping inspiration.

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Ombori Sales Tool

Empower your staff.

Empower sales assistant to show relevant information to customers on a big screen in an intuitive and efficient manner, thus generating more sales.

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What we do

We power delightful shopping experiences with an innovative feel, strengthening brand awareness and loyalty of the customers.

Our apps have true stopping-power that grabs the users attention, by using a camera or motion sensor to wake up the screen in a users presence. To interact with our apps, the user will interface with either a voice assistant, a touchscreen or by scanning a QR code to use their mobile phone as a remote control.

Why we do it

Mobile is growing like crazy. Physical retail stores need to revitalise. Retailers are stuck in legacy back-end systems. It’s all just slow and difficult to get right.

Amazon is eating the world. We empower retailers to fight back.

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