Mobile commerce app developer Ombori today announced that its flagship product line will henceforth be known as Ombori Grid. This is part of a strategic re-evaluation of its services and represents a widening of its planned product offerings. Ombori’s app development tool, PresenceKit, will be incorporated into Grid.

“Our initial products were targeted at performing one specific task within the m-commerce sector,” explained Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf. “PresenceKit was designed to convert Web sites to native apps, fast and efficiently. But that’s only one part of what we offer our customers. We also work with them to increase app installs, explore emerging commerce platforms, optimize the UX, and ultimately drive customer engagement, repeat business and revenue. Our objective is to make them competitive in a fast changing world. We’re as much about sales and marketing as we are about technology, and we have a wide range of tools at our disposal. It therefore made sense to think of all those tools as part of a single integrated product suite that can fulfil many different functions depending on each client’s needs. Grid represents this concept much more clearly.”

Hassellöf also stressed that Grid is enabling Ombori to widen its target user base. “PresenceKit was optimized for m-commerce use, but Grid is much more flexible and can be deployed by companies in many different market sectors, including financial institutions.”

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