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Track footfall in real time to meet occupancy regulations, make data-driven decisions, optimize staff planning and increase revenues.

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Feature overview


Increased safety for customer and staff

The Ombori Grid People Counter has been deployed extensively to assist with Covid-occupancy rules, but is also frequently used to improve business outcomes make data-driven decisions, and increase revenues.


Revenue and business efficiency

For businesses like shopping centers, retail chains, museums, restaurants, etc., gathering and analyzing customer traffic data can create value in terms of revenue and business efficiency and generate crucial insights that drive sales, improve conversion rates, and make informed marketing and spending decisions.


Analytics for customer satisfaction

Obtain powerful insights by counting the number of people entering, exiting, and passing by your store in real-time anonymously and accurately. Automatically exclude staff members from the count to get true traffic measurement.


Tracker is used to count people, footfall and to keep track of current occupancy. It can use automated sensors, or manual tracking using people at the entrance or exits pressing buttons.

Improve customer experience further with Grid Occupancy Signage

Combine the Grid People Counter with the Grid Occupancy Signage to keep your customers informed and enable “traffic lights” to let them know when it’s alright to enter the store.

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Need to not only track people flow and occupancy, but manage it with queuing or pre-booked appointments?

Check out Ombori Grid Occupancy Control instead.

Comparison Occupancy Control vs People counter

  • People Counter Occupancy Control
  • Maximum capacity Check Check
  • Login PIN Check Check
  • Xovis Sensor Automatic counting Check Check
  • Digital Signage Integration Check Check
  • Analytics dashboard Check Check
  • Manual Counting Check Check
  • Real time API for status Check Check
  • Login personal account Check
  • Ticketing Check
  • Push notifications Check
  • Ticketing kiosk support Check
  • Bluetooth printer support Check
  • Basic Ticket branding Check
  • QR code check-in Check
  • Number of people per ticket Check
  • Adjustable ticket flow Check
  • Pre-booking Check
  • SMS notifications* Check
  • Custom design Check
  • Customer registration Check
  • Customer feedback Check
  • Custom text for tickets Check
  • Custom e-mail gateway (sendgrid) Check
  • Timeslot capacity Check
  • Bookings mode, default, autochecking, autocall Check
  • SMS customization Check
  • Webhooks for custom integrations Check
  • Custom SMS gateway Check