Improve customer experience by providing different pickup options

Empower your employees by notifying them when the customer arrives, saving time and frustration for the customer and increasing employee efficiency.

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Increased loyalty and customer satisfaction

Increase sales by offering better collection options

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Reduced waiting times

Simplify the process for the customer

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Reduced number of missed pickups

Reduce errors from delivering the wrong bags

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Feature overview


Highly configurable

Highly configurable to support a wide range of customer journeys. It can be used in three different ways.

Customers can use a printed QR code to get a ticket.

Employees can use their own device to issue a SMS or printed ticket to a customer.

In conjunction with a touch Kiosk, the customer  is offered the choice between scanning a QR code to get a digital ticket on their phone or getting a printed ticket at the kiosk.


Notifications for increased revenue

Notifications are key to increasing revenue and reducing customer frustration.

Customers do not need to stand and wait in the same location. Instead, they can roam around, buy other things while they wait.  They will be notified when their turn is approaching and they need to start heading back to the pickup location.

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Analytics for customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction on a store or even employee level helps you understand where there is room for improvement.

Improve customer experience further with Grid Order Pickup Signage

Combine the Grid Order Pickup with the Grid Order Pickup Signage to keep your customers informed and even use spoken audio notifications of when it’s their turn.

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Order Pickup features

  • Store Drive-in
  • Booking link Check Check
  • Staff notification of customer arrival Check Check
  • Customer registration Check Check
  • Timeslot capability Check Check
  • Digital signage integration (employee facing) Check Check
  • Digital signage integration (customer facing) Check Check
  • SMS customization* Check Check
  • Server-to-server booking creation Check Check
  • Customer feedback Check Check
  • Webhooks for custom integrations Check Check
  • Automatic Number Plate Detection Check
  • Parking slot selector Check