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Manual Queues

Manage customer flows and minimize physical queues

Stores and other Physical locations need to keep operating throughout the global pandemic.

Reducing the risk of infection and staying compliant with maximum occupancy rules are a requirement to operate.

Virtual Queues monitors occupancy and promotes social distancing by allowing customers to wait where they want, and get notified when they should approach the entrance.

  1. Employee can login to a personal device with a pin and manage the flow of the customers
  2. Employee keeps track of people entering and exiting the store, manually calling people in by sending out a push notification to their device
  3. Easy deployment – the QR code to enter the queue can be printed out on a piece of paper, no additional hardware necessary

Integrates seamlessly with

Ombori Grid console

The system is built on top of the Ombori Grid. A web interface to easily configure the service and view analytics dashboards.

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