Office Spaces

Create smart, contemporary workplaces

The modern office environment is changing. Staff and visitors expect to be able to work, have meetings, and utilise space in a safe, cost-efficient way. Ombori Grid enables businesses in single occupancy or multi-tenant spaces to increase safety while reducing costs.


Visitor management

Make visits to your office quicker, easier and safer.

  • Easy appointment booking with SMS reminders and digital check-in reduces missed appointments and wasted time. 
  • Virtual queuing reduces the need to sit in a waiting area or lobby: visitors can grab a coffee or wait elsewhere until you are ready to see them.
  • Automated people counting and occupancy control monitors the flow of visitors in real time and ensures compliance with occupancy rules. 
  • Smart wayfinders enable visitors to find the things they’re looking for and download directions to their mobile.

Improved communication

Use smart signage to communicate with staff and visitors in new and exciting ways.

  • Interactive context-sensitive digital signage allows you to broadcast relevant information and enables users to find out more, using voice, touch or phone.
  • Customer remotes enable visitors to browse while waiting.
  • Guided selling helps customers learn about your products and services using AI.
  • Sales remotes create powerful, interactive presentations.
  • Omni visit allows you to integrate in-person and online presentations.

Efficient resource utilisation

Make better use of space and facilities.

  • Use appointment booking to manage shared facilities such as meeting rooms or hot desks. This is ideal for shared office spaces or hybrid workplaces where staff only come into the office a few days a week.
  • Occupancy control enables you to notify janitorial staff when a room is empty and needs cleaning. 
  • People counting enables you to reduce energy use in unused spaces and see which areas of the workplace may be superfluous.


Smart offices reduce costs, increase productivity, and provide a better experience for visitors.

  • Shared resources: make more efficient use of shared desks, shared meeting rooms, and other resources.  
  • Efficient hybrid workflow: offer staff the flexibility to work where they want, when they want, while staying in touch with colleagues and clients. There’s no need to constrain staff to a single desk: they can work from any location in the office, or from home.
  • Better communication: smart digital signage with mobile device integration enables you to ensure that staff and visitors are getting the right information at the right time. 
  • Reassurance for staff and visitors: ensure that you’re complying with best practices in terms of COVID safety guidelines, social distancing, and occupancy.
  • Increased visitor satisfaction: make it easy for visitors to book appointments and find their way around, and reduce the time they spend waiting. 
  • Actionable management data: accurate real-time and historical monitoring of occupancy levels, waiting times, and shared resource utilisation enables you to optimize your future needs.
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Recommended Apps

Ombori Grid includes a suite of mix and match apps. Every app shares data via the Grid, and can be rapidly customized to your branding and your specific needs.

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