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Guide visitors to the things they want to see, and present information about them in new, exciting ways. Ombori Grid apps support multiple languages, as well as speech and touchscreen input, making it as easy and flexible as possible for visitors to engage.

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Improved communication

Use smart signage to communicate with visitors in new and exciting ways.

  • Interactive context-sensitive, multi-lingual, digital signage allows you to present information about exhibits and enables users to find out more, using voice, touch or phone.

Kiosks and customer remotes enable visitors to browse while waiting.


Visitor management

Make visits quicker, easier and safer.

  • Smart wayfinders enable visitors to find the exhibits they’re looking for and download directions to their mobile. Visitors can engage via a touch-screen or by speaking to it.
  • Virtual queuing and appointment booking streamline entry to the premises, to special exhibits or for dining. Book ahead or on arrival. Once their turn arrives, visitors are notified via SMS.
  • Automated people counting and occupancy control monitors the flow of visitors in real time and ensures compliance with occupancy rules. Monitor the entire building or individual areas.

Increase revenue in the gift shop and restaurant

Make it easier for visitors to spend money.

  • Help visitors find the perfect souvenir. Guided selling and endless aisle showcase your full range of merchandise, including items that are not currently available - customers can place an order for home delivery.
  • Order pickup allows visitors to make a purchase then collect it later when it’s more convenient. They can place a food order online and avoid having to stand in line.
  • Self checkout allows customers to complete their purchases faster.


Ombori Grid helps museums and galleries provide a more engaging visitor experience.

  • Better communication: smart digital signage with mobile device integration enables you to ensure that visitors are getting the right information at the right time, in their preferred language. This can include background information on exhibits, promotions for forthcoming events, or navigation to restaurants, toilets, gift shops or individual exhibits.
  • Increase visitor satisfaction: appointment booking and virtual queuing enable visitors to plan their day and make the most of their time instead of standing in line waiting. 
  • Increase revenue: happy visitors spend more on souvenirs. Reducing queues means visitors are less likely to walk away from gift shops or restaurants. They can keep looking around while they’re waiting for their turn to eat or shop. 
  • Reassurance for staff and visitors: ensure that you’re complying with best practices in terms of COVID safety guidelines, social distancing, and occupancy levels.
  • Actionable management data: accurate real-time and historical monitoring of occupancy levels, waiting times, and people flow enables you to optimize your future needs.
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Recommended Apps

Ombori Grid includes a suite of mix and match apps. Every app shares data via the Grid, and can be rapidly customized to your branding and your specific needs.

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