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More fun, less stress, for holidaymakers and travellers

When you’re on vacation, going out for a meal, or on a business trip, you expect everything to run smoothly. Make it easy for guests to access restaurants, attractions, or hotel facilities such as spas, or gyms, while maintaining a safe environment.

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Informative signage

Interactive digital signage provides travellers with all the information they need.

  • Operates in multiple languages.
  • Controlled by voice or touch.
  • Offer information such as weather, transportation, attractions, or menus, and browse for more details as needed.
  • Wayfinder makes it easy for guests to locate rides, restaurants, toilets, shops and other facilities.

Access to facilities

Avoid waiting in line for attractions, restaurants, pools, spas or other facilities.

  • Appointment booking allows guests to pick the best times for them, even before their visit begins. Remind them via SMS so they don’t miss their slot.
  • Virtual queues allow guests to wait wherever they want until it’s time for their appointment. Notify them by SMS when you’re ready for them.
  • Occupancy control and people counters ensure that areas are never overcrowded.

Enhanced shopping

Retail apps transform the hotel or resort store experience and make it easier and more enjoyable for guests to shop and dine.

  • Order meals via an app, tablet or kiosk instead of waiting for a server to be available.
  • Guided selling can help to upsell restaurant customers, such as suggesting wine pairings for their selected dishes, or promoting specials.
  • Omnichannel apps and order pickup allow guests to order dinner ahead of time or shop online, no matter where they are.
  • Self checkout enables them to pay and leave quickly, which increases throughput


Happy guests means increased revenue.

  • Increased customer satisfaction: a stress-free visit results in happier customers and better reviews.
  • Increase revenues: better reviews mean more guests, and enhanced shopping features increase sales in stores.
  • Better communication: smart, multi-lingual, digital signage with mobile device integration ensures that guests can get the right information at the right time. 
  • Reassurance for guests: ensure that you’re complying with best practices in terms of COVID safety guidelines, social distancing, and occupancy levels.
  • Reduce staff overhead: Grid apps are entirely self-service, which frees up staff to handle other tasks.
  • Actionable management data: accurate real-time and historical monitoring of occupancy levels, waiting times, and people flow enables you to optimize your future needs.

Recommended Apps

Ombori Grid includes a suite of mix and match apps. Every app shares data via the Grid, and can be rapidly customized to your branding and your specific needs.

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