A modern patient experience

Going to the doctor is often an anxious, scary process. Patients are worried and stressed when they arrive, and if things don’t go smoothly when they get there, it can become frustrating and annoying. Anything healthcare facilities can do to reduce the stress, particularly while waiting, has a significant effect on patient satisfaction.

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Booking and queuing

Healthcare facilities need to manage their queuing and booking systems effectively.

  • Make it easy to book an appointment, and remind patients via mobile so they don’t forget. Digital check-in speeds up the arrival process.
  • Offer virtual queuing so that patients don’t have to wait in crowded lobbies or waiting rooms. They can wait elsewhere and get a notification via SMS when you’re ready for them.
  • Omni visit allows you to combine telemedicine and in-person appointments with ease.
  • Occupancy control and people counters ensure that facilities are never overcrowded and informs patients of the expected wait time.

Informative signage

Interactive digital signage and customer remotes provide patients with all the information they need.

  • Operates in multiple languages.
  • Controlled by voice or touch.
  • Offer information on medical conditions and treatment plans, and allow patients to browse for further details as needed and download it to their mobile phone.
  • Wayfinder makes it easy for patients to locate treatment rooms, dining areas, toilets, shops and other facilities.

Easy pickup and drop-off

Make it easier for patients to collect prescriptions or drop off specimens.

  • Allow patients to book times for collections or drop-offs.
  • Remind them when they need to arrive and direct them where to go when they get there.
  • Alert staff when they arrive.


Ombori Grid can benefit every type of facility, from large hospitals to small doctors and dentists’ offices or alternative healthcare practitioners.

  • Increased patient satisfaction: speeding up patient visits creates a less stressful experience.
  • Better communication: smart, multi-lingual, digital signage with mobile device integration ensures that patients can get the right information at the right time. 
  • Reassurance for patients: ensure that you’re complying with best practices in terms of COVID safety guidelines, social distancing, and occupancy levels.
  • Reduce staff overhead: Grid apps are entirely self-service, which frees up both medical and administrative staff to handle other tasks.
  • Actionable management data: accurate real-time and historical monitoring of occupancy levels, waiting times, and people flow enables you to optimize your future needs.

Recommended Apps

Ombori Grid includes a suite of mix and match apps. Every app shares data via the Grid, and can be rapidly customized to your branding and your specific needs.

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