Make air travel more enjoyable

Transform the airport experience, using a combination of smart waiting systems, interactive information booths, and exciting, entertaining shopping solutions. Travellers can feel reassured that they can get to their gate on time, and can relax and enjoy themselves while waiting.

airport terminal

Informative signage

Interactive digital signage provides travellers with all the information they need.

  • Operates in multiple languages.
  • Controlled by voice or touch.
  • Scan boarding pass for real-time flight information and destination information such as weather, accommodation or attractions.
  • Browse for more details as needed.

Find your way around

Our interactive Wayfinder makes it easy for travellers to locate gates, restaurants, toilets, shops and other facilities.

  • Operates in multiple languages.
  • Controlled by voice or touch.
  • Download directions to their phone, as well as estimates on how long it will take to reach the departure gate or other location.


More time to enjoy

Give travellers more time to shop, dine, and relax.

  • Virtual queuing allows travellers to wait anywhere they want, instead of crowding the departure area unnecessarily. Notify them by SMS when it’s time to go to the gate.
  • Guided selling and other retail apps transform the airport shopping experience.
  • Pre-book at restaurants to avoid standing in line with kids and luggage.
  • Add some fun with an interactive selfie mirror.


Help travelers get the information they need to have a safe, easy journey.

  • Increase revenues: less time waiting means more opportunity to shop and dine. Guided selling helps travellers find gifts they didn’t know they wanted, and order pickup makes it easy for them to collect their purchases at the other end.
  • Better communication reduces frustration: smart, multi-lingual, digital signage with mobile device integration ensures that travellers are getting the right information at the right time. Help them get where they need to be, on time, with minimal stress.
  • Reassurance for travellers: ensure that you’re complying with best practices in terms of COVID safety guidelines, social distancing, and occupancy levels.
  • Actionable management data: accurate real-time and historical monitoring of occupancy levels, waiting times, and people flow enables you to optimize your future needs.

Recommended Apps

Ombori Grid includes a suite of mix and match apps. Every app shares data via the Grid, and can be rapidly customized to your branding and your specific needs.

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