Do people visit your premises? If so, Ombori Grid is for you.

As more and more businesses transition from bricks and mortar to clicks and mortar, there is a growing need for better integration between the physical and digital worlds.

Customers expect to be able to communicate with you online, to use their mobile devices while shopping, and they expect everything to be fully integrated. You need seamless, easy solutions that address their expectations.Whatever business you’re in, we know there are common problems you urgently need to address. Whether that’s providing a unified online/offline experience, managing appointments, queues or occupancy, or helping customers find what they’re looking for, we have a solution for you.

Ombori Grid is a modular solution that adapts to your needs

Ombori Grid offers a suite of modular, configurable, affordable apps that can be deployed rapidly on standard hardware to meet your unique business needs.

Using a combination of sensor data and IOT applications with smart building technology and digital signage, you 
can build a workplace that will increase productivity and security and improve the experience for customers and visitors.

Our digital twin technology collects data from multiple points around the building, and creates a real-time virtual model of the real world that can include information on everything from building occupancy to the weather or stock inventory. Connecting this to building automation systems allows you to control a wide variety of physical objects including doors and climate control to checkouts and pickup areas. You can also ensure that you are providing up-to-date, context-sensitive information to staff and customers via smart devices placed throughout the premises.

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High fives for Radisson Blu’s zero queue system

COVID-19 dumped chaos on our laps and also a few subtle changes to how we live. Booking a room at a luxury hotel is easy enough, but what happens when you visit the spa? Does anyone expect or want to queue in public in a bathrobe?

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Telenor nails the in-store demo with an Ombori big screen

How many times have you visited a phone store to make a purchase but have a question about a subscription or smartphone? Mostly, you’re asked to look at a salesperson’s smartphone or a worn out desktop at the checkout to explore the answers.

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Target Australia’s customers hit bullseye with Ombori in-store search

Shopping at a department store should be fun and convenient. These days it’s also imperative for retailers that are facing massive disruption from e-commerce. But can department stores bridge the gap between mobile online shopping and the in-store experience in a way that’s meaningful for customers?

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Dufry taps Ombori for a stress-free duty free shopping experience

Going to the airport for a business trip or holiday can be exhilarating and stressful. Once you’re past check-in and security, it’s time to scout for duty-free perfumes, liquor and candy - but there’s always a nagging pressure to check the schedule boards to calculate how long it takes to walk to the right gate.

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office space

Office spaces

The post-COVID world will bring huge changes to office life. With workers in close proximity in open plan areas, creating a safe workplace for both staff and visitors is going to be essential.


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