Increase revenue with smart technology


Retail technology has to serve a clear purpose - to get customers spending money. That’s why most of the Ombori Grid apps have been designed and developed with that aim in mind. By making the shopping journey smoother, and offering moments of surprise and delight, you get customers more engaged, and get them spending more, both online and in-store.

Business Goals

Whether you’re using digital or traditional methods, your goals are the same.  

  • Attract more customers
  • Help customers find the products they want
  • Make it easier for customers to buy from you
  • Increase upsales
  • Reduce lost sales 
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer loyalty

What can Ombori Grid offer?

Ombori Grid offers a growing suite of flexible, modular apps that combine to improve the customer experience and increase sales in almost any retail environment. They are powerful, versatile, and easy to deploy. They run on standard hardware and integrate easily with your existing systems. They are easily configurable to your unique requirements and branding.

More effective promotional and sales tools

  • Help customers find what they want using a combination of interactive digital signage and guided selling. These can include promotional material sent to customers’ mobile devices while they are waiting in a virtual queue, customer remotes located in store windows, or kiosks that allow them to browse for products based on their personal likes and preferences. A selfie mirror can be used to attract their attention and then offer them digital coupons. 

Offer more purchase options

  • Make it easier for your customers to make purchases by seamlessly integrating physical and digital elements. An integrated shopping app, offering BOPIS and curbside options, allows them to shop whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them. In-store, the store assistant, Endless Aisle and self checkout make it quicker and easier to complete their purchase.

Reduce lost sales

  • Reducing lines with a queue management system minimizes the number of customers who leave without making a purchase or who decide not to enter the store. The cashier assistant reduces lost sales from items that are not checked out. The Wayfinder can direct customers to the items they are looking for. In combination with an Endless Aisle, it can recover a lost sale when an item is out of stock in store by offering an online purchase as an alternative