Going to the doctor is often an anxious, scary process. Patients are worried and stressed when they arrive, and if things don’t go smoothly when they get there, it can become an unpleasant experience. Anything healthcare facilities can do to reduce the stress, particularly while waiting, has a significant effect on patient satisfaction.

Less waiting

Reduce wait times and reduce occupancy in waiting rooms. Patients do not have to wait on the premises, but can wait in their car or at another location close by, such as a dining area. The system keeps them informed of the expected wait time and notifies them when it’s time to come in. It can handle both in-person and telemedicine appointments, giving staff maximum flexibility.

Informative experience

Digital signage can be used to display useful information in waiting rooms or other locations. This could include wellness suggestions. In combination with the interactive Customer Remote, it allows patients to browse for detailed information relevant to their specific condition.

Safety guidance

Occupancy control allows you to ensure that you are complying with all regulations. Patients cannot enter the building unless they have an imminent appointment.

In larger facilities, finding where to go can be a problem. There may be multiple buildings, spanning many floors, and signs are not always clear.

Waiting rooms and waiting times are a major issue for patients. It is important to reduce the number of people in waiting areas in order to minimize infections. Long or uncertain waiting times are a major source of stress for patients, so reducing these will result in a much improved customer experience.

How can Ombori Grid help?

Our healthcare solutions can be used by every type of facility, from small doctors and dentists’ offices to large hospitals or alternative healthcare practitioners. By combining our configurable, modular apps, you can speed up patient visits, give patients the information they need, and create a less stressful experience.

Since all Ombori apps can be managed 100% remotely, they can easily be used across multiple locations. Content can be shared between several facilities or adapted for each individual location.

Queue Management


Replace physical queues with virtual queues, using a modern ticketing solution that can incorporate both mobile phones or paper tickets. Powerful notifications and digital signage allow visitors to do other things while they wait, and extensive analytics enable efficient staff planning.

Occupancy Control


Track visitors entering and leaving a location in order to ensure compliance with occupancy regulations, optimize staff planning and increase revenues.

Queue Mangament and Occupancy Control

Appointment Booking


Flexible appointment booking which seamlessly manages a mix of pre-booked appointments and walk-in tickets.

Signage Playlist


Powerful tools allow you to create dynamic digital signage playlists that will surprise and delight visitors.

Appointment Booking and Signage Playlist

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