The Technology

All about the customer experience

The Ombori Grid platform allows you to quickly create great omnichannel customer journeys, thanks to a smooth developer experience and a marketplace of ready-to-use solutions.

All about the customer experience

Our marketplace of ready-to-use solutions empowers you to instantly deliver value to both your customers and employees, without long and complicated consulting engagements

Reduced cost

If you need to build something unique to your business, doing so on the solid foundation, and reusable components, of the Ombori Grid lowers the initial build cost and dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership

Increased ROI

With no time spent re-inventing wheels and by leveraging tried and tested solutions that are known to deliver customer value, you can quickly pilot new customer journeys with low risk and a high return on investment

Feature overview

The Ombori Grid makes it easy to deploy IoT and Artificial Intelligence to your physical locations, but it's really not enough to connect devices and understand the environment. By making it easy to create real-time user interfaces for digital screens and mobile phones that interact with the environment, we empower your employees and delight your customers.

The Ombori Grid supports a vast range of customer journeys and solutions, but it's all built on the same battle-tested foundation and technologies. This ensures that your experiences keep working without disruption, and is resilient during temporary network glitches and reliably resumes after power outages

The Ombori Grid supports the latest technologies, making it a joy to work with for developers and a streamlined experience for content producers and designers. Screen and mobile content easily can be created using most modern authoring tools such as Adobe, Figma and FramerX. Developers can use the Ombori Grid CLI to build user interfaces in any web framework (such as React, Vue or Angular) or IoT applications running in Docker containers which are frequently written in NodeJS, C# or Python. Simple SDKs enable real-time communication between screens, IoT and mobile progressive web apps to implement the most creative customer journeys.

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