Create digital experiences in physical spaces

The Ombori Grid platform makes it quick and easy to create unique IoT, Digital Signage and Mobile experiences.

Deploy no-code, ready-made and customizable apps from the Grid Marketplace or develop your own.

  • Digital Signage Occupancy Control Queue Management City of the future, powered by Ombori Grid
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Ombori makes the store itself into an attraction

Innovation taking the retail world by storm

Ombori […] offers passers-by the opportunity to purchase items right from the street

Truly techno is the brand’s just-announced partnership with Microsoft and Ombori


Get up and running fast

Install, configure, deploy - and you’re done!

Ombori Grid makes it easy to pilot and fast to scale.

  • The “app store” of ready to use solutions allows you to instantly deliver value to both customers and employees, without long and complicated consulting engagements.
  • If the required hardware is already in place, you can configure and deploy an app in just a few minutes.
  • Add more apps as you need them.

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A platform for innovation

Developers: build your own apps

Need something different? No problem. Use our free SDKs to create unique Grid apps.

Ombori Grid gets results

By making it easy to create real-time interfaces for digital screens, mobile phones, and IoT devices that interact with the environment, Ombori Grid empowers your employees and delights customers.

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  • Cost effective

    There’s no need to keep reinventing the wheel. Grid reduces development costs and risks by allowing you to leverage tried and trusted solutions.

  • Reliable at scale

    However large your organization, Grid can handle it. Hundreds or thousands of locations, running multiple apps? No problem.

  • Rapid deployment

    Rolling out to devices across multiple locations is quick and easy. Once your apps are up and running, updating and managing them is as simple as can be.

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