Grid builds better human-machine interfaces, fast.

Grid lets you focus on user experience, without having to worry about the tech. Grid supports new platforms as they arrive. Grid builds native iOS and Android apps your customers will love.

Our platform-based approach allows us to move faster and accomplish greater results than agencies that build things from scratch.

Shipping fast is important, but that’s just the beginning of a longer journey to success.

Measuring, learning and improving are at the core of our workflow.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have extremely high opt-in rates and click through rates, because they command an extremely high attention level. Because of this notifications should only be used in ways that respect the users and offers highly targeted information. Thats where our Push Notification service comes in.

Search optimization

By correctly integrating a website with an app, Google rewards the site with a ranking that boost up to 5 positions for the entire long tail, even if no-one use the app.

However, if your app generates a lot of engagement and returns, it will give your website an ever greater advantage. This makes a great Push Notification strategy even more important.

App banner

This utility generates app installs by tapping into the traffic of your website and can quickly be enabled using a tool like Google Tag Manager.

When your app get more downloads, it’s ranking in the App Store and Google Play increase, which thanks to our SEO integration, gives your website a boost in the search engines as well. This way we create a positive spiral of traffic and new users.

Shared code base

Bespoke native code is shared between iOS and Android, while still respecting the users different expectations on behavior and design.

Best of all, since it’s native we’re not compromising on performance or user experience.

Web view

In some cases, it makes sense to re-use existing functionality on a website in an app. With that in mind, we built the Grid WebView that can create apps instantly that optimizes web UI and package it as a part of an app.

This enables an agile approach where we ship first and later improve upon it piece by piece with mobile native features and UX.

Adaptive SDK

APIs are often an impediment to get started quickly or when you want to add new features. We write code that talks to our ASDK instead of an API.

When it comes to the ASDK, a data source can be either a website or an API, or a combination of several websites and APIs.

If the data is available somewhere, we can use it. This drastically reduce time-to-market and maintenance costs over time.

Hot code push

A challenge with the Apple App Store and Google Play is that a lot of users never download updates, never seeing all the great improvements that are released.

Another common source of frustration when building mobile apps is the Apple App Store review process, that can delay the launch or update of an app with days, even weeks.

To avoid this, we can push new versions of an app to users without submitting the change to Apple or Google for review first. This also means that we can guarantee that users always have the latest version of the app, ideal when running short experiements to increase conversion.

User identification

One of the big differences in user expectations between a website and an app is that if I have logged in once, I expect the app to remember who I am.

By automatically securely encrypting and persisting user credentials on their phones we can accomplish this behavior even if your current tech do not support it. If user data needs to be protected, we can add an optional Touch ID verification before allowing the user to proceed.


To avoid re-inventing the wheel, we build re-usable components that we can instantly plug into new apps.

Currently our Components Library contain a shopping cart, financial graphs, menus and navigation, Touch ID and Android Fingerprint, Keychain encryption of data, and much more.

App locker

Many members of the Ombori team have a background in Financial services and Information Security. Our App Locker security package provides the app with certificate pinning, tamper protection, jailbreak detection and much more.

If you run a business with complex compliance requirements, this is what you need

Success story

Lekmer is the largest online store for children and young families in the Nordic countries. The company has online stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

  • 2.3 minMore time spent in the app than on web.
  • 18.8%Growth of daily active users.
  • 17%Of downloads generate a purchase.
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