Case Study


Whyred wanted a fun, innovative way for customers in their Stockholm store to find out about products and to highlight products they wanted to promote.

What we did

In order to meet these objectives, we deployed the Ombori Remote. This is a large screen that is installed in-store and continuously displays a loop of videos and still images of products like a traditional advertising screen. This can be updated remotely at any time by the Whyred marketing team. In addition, a customer can take control of the screen at any time using their mobile phone and browse the full Whyred product range. They can also download product information to their mobile devices.


The Ombori Remote is cheaper than using a touch-screen, and requires no specialized hardware, which made it a low-cost solution which could be deployed very rapidly. It also occupies less physical space than a touch-screen, so it required minimal redesign of the store layout. The Ombori Remote provides a direct link between the physical store and e-commerce, creating a fully unified shopping experience.


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