Case Study: Telenor


a more exciting retail environment

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Telenor were looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of their in-store sales staff and to create a more exciting retail environment for customers across all their stores in Sweden.

How does it work?

To meet these needs, we deployed the Ombori Sales Remote. This is a large screen which the sales associate controls via their mobile device. It can be used for showing demos and includes access to all of the company’s existing inventory of rich digital media marketing content, including product information, videos, and the Web. This ensures that sales staff in all stores always have access to current data on prices, offers, and products, even in the rapidly changing world of mobile phones.

This is more effective than using a traditional computer screen, because it is easier for customers to see, especially when talking to a group of people. It also feels more informal and friendly because it is not tied to a desk.