Ombori deployed the Ombori Endless Aisle, which combines functionality relevant to in-store shoppers with online features. These kiosks allow customers to find product information either by using a barcode or by browsing a digital catalogue. The catalogue includes all items from the Target inventory, even items and options not currently available in the store.

If the desired item is in stock, the customer will be able to locate it within the store using the kiosk’s Wayfinder functionality. If the item isn’t in stock, the customer will be able to see whether it’s available at a nearby store or make an online purchase and have the item shipped to their home. This enables the store to make sales and assist customers even when items are not in stock by showcasing more items than can be physically displayed.

In addition, Ombori deployed two of its Selfie Mirrors. The Selfie Mirror is a voice-controlled screen with inbuilt camera that allows customers to view products and offers simply by speaking to the mirror, and also takes entertaining photographs they can share with their friends.