Case Study: Max Fashion

Max Fashion

arabic voice interactive mirror

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The Max Fashion store in the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai wanted installations that would attract people into the store and combine useful functionality with fun, memorable customer experiences. These installations were required to operate in both English and Arabic.

How does it work?

Ombori deployed two products to address these requirements. At the store entrance, an Ombori Customer Remote screen wakes up when a person approaches it and greets them. Customers can interact with it using their mobile device as a remote control if they wish. They can find product information, make online purchases and save products for later.

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Inside the store, a bilingual Selfie Mirror offers two primary functions, both controlled by voice. The “fashion inspirations” feature showcases products that Max Fashion want to promote, using video content drawn from their existing marketing material. The “selfie” feature enables customers to create a picture in the style of a magazine cover which they can download to their mobile device or share on social media via a QR code. After using the mirror, customers are invited to sign up for promotional emails.

Relationships start with messaging

Our Retail Photo Booth is fully integrated with the world's most popular messaging services, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Line. When the customers have taken their selfie, they then download it to their phone so that they can share it. They connect to the booth via a messenger service to get their photo sent to them. This can be used to collect their phone number and allow them to opt into marketing communications. Data shows that around 10% of all customers who use a photo booth will opt in. This is much more efficient than e-mail newsletter.

Great for brand promotions

Customers are used to the idea of creating and sharing branded photos that tie into products or events. For example, to tie in with the release of the movie *Avengers: Endgame*, Max Fashion customers were able to take their pictures with characters from the movie.