Case Study

Max Fashion

The Max Fashion store in the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai wanted installations that would attract people into the store and combine useful functionality with fun, memorable customer experiences. These installations were required to operate in both English and Arabic.

What we did

Ombori deployed two products to address these requirements. At the store entrance, an Ombori Remote screen wakes up when a person approaches it and greets them. Customers can interact with it using their mobile device as a remote control if they wish. They can find product information, make online purchases and save products for later.

Screenshot 2018-11-19 14.49.34

Inside the store, a bilingual Selfie Mirror offers two primary functions, both controlled by voice. The “fashion inspirations” feature showcases products that Max Fashion want to promote, using video content drawn from their existing marketing material. The “selfie” feature enables customers to create a picture in the style of a magazine cover which they can download to their mobile device or share on social media via a QR code. After using the mirror, customers are invited to sign up for promotional emails.

Key results & metrics

On launch day, one selfie was taken every 3 minutes

  • 51% of those shared the shot on Facebook
  • 88% of visitors engaging with the displays have been scanning QR codes
  • 20% of all those engaging with the mirror have gone on to buy either in-store or online.

“The Middle East and Europe benefits from a young population. Millennials in the Middle East have been proven to demonstrate greater brand loyalty than their peers in other global markets and prefer personalised interactions from the brands they associate with. This is why we seek to build our brand experience around how the Millennial and Generation Z demographics shop. Max Fashion / Landmark group is eager to adopt new technologies that enhance the customer experience, generates awareness of your online presence and on top of that lets the customers leave the store with a smile. By incorporating customer-centric technological innovations like this throughout our stores, Max Fashion is innovating the shopping experience and ultimately redefining how users interact and engage with the brand.”

Haroon al Rashid, Head of Marketing, MAX Fashion

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