Case Study: Lindt

Lindt & Sprüngli

selfie station

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Lindt were looking for an exciting way to attract and engage customers in its store in Zurich Airport. Customers in this type of location are travellers, and often have time to spend while waiting. Many of them are looking for something fun and entertaining to do, and are often not just looking to make a quick purchase.

How does it work?

To draw customers' attention, we created a new version of the Selfie Mirror for Lindt with added functionality.

The existing version is a voice-controlled screen with inbuilt camera that allows customers to view products and offers simply by speaking to the mirror, and also takes entertaining photographs they can save and share digitally with their friends.

The new version includes the ability to print high quality glossy postcard size copies of their photographs.

Peter Zehnder, Head of Division Global Duty Free at Lindt, said, "We were looking for an experience that would engage and activate travellers. This will increase stopping power, and get customers to share memorable moments around the world."