Case Study

Clas Ohlson Lab Store

For the new Lab Store in Stockholm, Clas Ohlson wanted to create an innovative high-tech retail environment that would entice passers-by into the store and then deliver an exciting in-store customer experience.

What we did

Ombori combined several different products to deliver a series of fully integrated touchpoints. First, an Ombori Remote was positioned in the store window. This is a large screen which uses “wake on motion” technology to attract attention, and allows customers to browse and make purchases from outside the store 24/7, using their phone as a controller. A second Ombori Remote is positioned in the store entrance, and greets customers as they enter, educating visitors about the Clas Ohlson service offerings.

Screenshot 2018-11-27 12.51.56

Inside the store, the Ombori Web to Touch with barcode scanner displays product information from the Clas Ohlson website on a touch-screen system. Customers can also save information to their mobile device via a QR code, browse the website or scan the barcode of physical items to find out more. Finally, the Ombori Sales Remote is a large screen for use by store staff allowing them to pull up interactive multimedia content and display product information controlled by their personal mobile devices.

Key results & metrics

Fredrik Uhrbom, country manager for Sweden at Clas Ohlson, commented: “With Lab Store we will have a new arena for solving problems at home. It will be an experimental workshop where we develop our business together with customers and collaboration partners. We also see good opportunities to try out new digital solutions here.”

He added: “By integrating our Stockholm office with the Lab Store we also get closer to our customers in more parts of the organisation.”

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