Ombori is pleased to announce that it has created two in-store installations for Swedish fashion brand Whyred.

The first is a touch-screen that allows shoppers to browse through the Whyred catalogue and access all the information from the Whyred Web site. It uses QR codes to enable them to save items they like to their mobile devices.

The second demonstrates a touchless screen with an innovative user interface. Instead of using a keyboard or touching the screen, a QR code allows customers to use their phone to control the screen. By flicking their phone left and right, they can scroll the screen without actually having to touch it. This system is designed to go in a store window, so that it can be operated from the street. This is currently live in Stockholm.

"This has been a really exciting project," said Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf. "It opens up all sorts of new possibilities for ways stores can interact with their customers. By placing an interactive screen in the window, it attracts people into the store, and of course it continues to be an effective sales tool even when the store is closed. People see something they like, save it to their phone, and can then buy it online right away."

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