Ombori today announces the rollout of its Web2Touch system to all 60 3 stores throughout Sweden.

Web2Touch, designed in partnership with VisualArt in Stockholm, makes the company’s Web site and other rich marketing media content available to customers and staff on interactive touch-screens within the store. This enables customers to browse online information while in-store and use the auto generated QR code to do a hand off to get browsed content into their mobile device. Since the Web2Touch kiosks are online, this facilitates the immediate dissemination of product updates, new deals, or other time-sensitive information across all 60 stores simultaneously.

“This is one of a number of high profile projects we are rolling out worldwide, developed with the Ombori Grid platform,” says Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf. “Web2Touch is a deceptively simple tool that solves an important problem of combining the digital and physical retail environments. We’ve seen that today’s customers like using touch-screens, so this gives them all the power of the Net combined with the personal aspect of being in a store.”

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