Ombori today announces the upcoming launch of its new Endless Aisle product at the Target Centre in Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia. Target Australia is Australia's largest department store chain with over 300 stores nationwide.

The pilot project with Target Australia will employ seven of the Endless Aisle kiosks, two at the entrance and five at various locations within the store. These interactive kiosks allow customers to find product information either by using a barcode or by browsing a digital catalogue. The catalogue includes all items from the Target inventory, even items and options not currently available in the store. If the desired item is in stock, the customer will be able to locate it within the store using the kiosk’s Wayfinder functionality. If the item isn’t in stock, the customer will be able to see whether it’s available at a nearby store or make an online purchase and have the item shipped to their home. This enables the store to make sales and assist customers even when items are not in stock by showcasing more items than can be physically displayed.

In addition, the store will also feature two of Ombori’s acclaimed Selfie Mirrors. This technology was originally designed in partnership with Microsoft and Visual Art for the H&M flagship store in New York and deployed earlier this year. The smart mirror is a voice-controlled screen with a camera that allows customers to view products and offers simply by speaking to the mirror, and also takes entertaining photographs they can share with their friends. The new version includes numerous performance upgrades.

“This is one of a number of high profile pilots we are rolling out worldwide, developed with the Ombori Grid platform,” says Ombori CEO Andreas Hassellöf. “We are setting out to create new and exciting customer experiences with what we call stopping power - the power to make shoppers stop what they’re doing and engage with brands in new and exciting ways that combine physical and digital aspects in memorable ways. The products we’re rolling out in partnership with Target have the potential to change the way people behave in-store, from discovery to purchase.”

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