Self checkout: make paying quicker and easier for customers

Andreas Hassellöf
August 23, 2020

Customers hate waiting in line to pay for their purchases. Long lines can be a big deterrent, and customers will often leave if they have to wait too long. This results in lost sales, loss of customer loyalty, and poor customer experience.

Self checkout has been increasing in popularity for several years, and since the outbreak of COVID, it has become the preferred way for many customers to pay for their purchases. It reduces the time spent waiting in line, and minimizes contact with both staff and other shoppers.

Less waiting means a better customer experience. Increased customer satisfaction will result in increased customer loyalty and increased sales for retailers. 

In addition, long lines of customers are inconvenient and disruptive. Reducing checkout lines and streamlining the payment process makes it easier to run your business and creates a less stressful environment for staff as well as customers.

  • Minimize the time customers have to spend waiting in line to pay
  • Reduce lost sales
  • Optimize staff usage
  • Reduce stress on staff

How can Ombori Grid help?

Our new self checkout solutions are powerful, versatile, and easy to deploy. They run on standard hardware and integrate easily with your existing systems. They are easily configurable to your unique requirements and branding.

Less waiting

  • Instead of waiting in line for a manned checkout, customers can go to any vacant self checkout and check out immediately. This reduces the likelihood that they will leave without making a purchase.

Flexible store layout

  • Self checkout stations can be placed throughout the store, allowing customers to make payment wherever they are. This reduces queues near manned checkouts, and reduces the time they spend in store waiting to pay. 

Deploy staff more efficiently

  • By using self checkout, staff can be redeployed to other tasks. They have more time for dealing with customer queries.

Improve manned checkout experience

  • Redirecting customers to self checkout reduces the line for manned checkouts. This results in fewer frustrated customers and creates a more pleasant checkout process.

Integrate with online sales

  • By integrating with our Endless Aisle app, customers can browse and purchase items that are not currently available in-store, and arrange to have them delivered or collect them later.

Upselling during checkout

  • Using Guided Selling functionality, you can recommend additional purchases to customers during the checkout process. For example, you can offer an extended warranty when they purchase electronic goods.

Flexible touchless payment options

  • Customers can pay with credit cards or using their phones

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